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Here at Marc Hollander, DDS & Associates, we value our patients’ feedback and strive to deliver the best possible experience for everyone who sits in our chair. We are proud of the 5-star reviews we’ve received from our patients and continue to work hard to provide a 5-star experience for every patient we care for. If you are one of our patients, would you take a minute to share your personal experience at our office? This helps us as we improve our patient experience and helps other prospective patients know what to expect when they schedule an appointment. Simply leave a review using the four by leaving a review on one of our listings below: Have any concerns or questions about a previous visit? Give our office a call and a member of our staff will assist you and address your concerns.

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Just for Laughs

Q:What did the tooth say to the departing dentist? 

A: Fill me in when you get back.