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Good Morning to One and All, Much to my surprise, Governor Dewine has released us from our time-out. I say surprise in that, as I have written before, my best guess for reopening was the middle of May at the SOONEST and most likely, early in June. This pleases me in that we in Ohio have generally been doing a good job doing everything that we were tasked with doing. This has kept new cases of and deaths from COVID-19 down below what was originally predicted. Way to go Ohio!!

How does all of this impact us and what will you experience in our dental office? In a word, greatly. Do not expect to see people sitting in our reception room. We ask that you await your appointment in your vehicle. When you arrive, come in to let us know that you have arrived and to be sure that we have your cellphone number. You will be interviewed as to your health. We will check your temperature. If anything does not seem right, you will be rescheduled and asked to leave. After the quick Q&A, go back to your vehicle. Whenever you enter our facility, you MUST wear a mask of sorts. Be creative with your mask. Pictures will be made of you wearing yours and posted on our FaceBook page. The one with the most votes for creativity will win a prize. When we are ready to seat you, we will call or text you to come back in. Come by yourself, whenever possible. There is no good place in our office for others to sit and wait where they can be isolated from others. Immediately wash your paws or liberally wipe them with hand sanitizer. Oh, dress relatively warmly. As you have read and seen by now, we all will be wearing a ton of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). Masks, gloves, and gowns all hold in our body heat. We will be hot. To compensate for this, we will be keeping the office cool. DRESS ACCORDINGLY!! We will not be able to provide you with a blanket like we did in the “old days”.

Your treatment will be what you have grown accustomed to experiencing. New devices keep appearing in the marketplace that allegedly helps keep things cleaner. As they are tested and approved, you likely will see them here. Speaking of keeping things clean, we have ALWAYS done all that we know to do to keep our treatment rooms and our entire office as clean and sanitary as possible. In previous letters I have discussed this.

Please bear with us during this. We will be doing our very best to not have any of you wait very long in your vehicles. Please arrive early enough for you to come in and answer the Q&A, update pertinent information, then be seated. If you arrive at the time of your appointment, you will be late. This affects everyone after you. As always, we will do our best to remain on schedule. I am sorry, but things occur that throw a monkey wrench into this.

We will be calling you soon to either make or confirm your appointment. If you are not ready to come in yet, that is ok. Please let us know in advance. Do not wait until the last minute and then cancel. There are other people who would have used that time.

This is a whole new world. We ALL are learning as we go. Let’s all work together to make this a safe world.

Dr. Marc
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