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Dental Implants & Dental Surgery throughout Columbus, OH & Gahanna, OH


Dental implants are a great way to make crowns, bridges, or dentures more stable. The discomfort commonly associated with dentures can in many instances be eliminated by using dental implants. Dr. Hollander frequently performs these procedures in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. Call our office in Columbus, OH or Gahanna, OH to schedule an appointment today!

A dental implant is a replacement for missing tooth root structure. Dental implants typically are made from surgical grade titanium, the same material that artificial hips and knees are made from. Rejection is not an issue. A dental implant allows a missing tooth or teeth to be replaced in a very conservative and life-like manner without cutting down adjacent natural teeth.

Example of a Dental Implant

How a denture can be fastened into the mouth so it will not come loose

An implant-supported bridge replacing natural teeth

If you’re interested in learning more about denture implants or tooth implants, be sure to contact one of our friendly dental representatives. Thanks to these innovative procedures, it’s never been simpler to achieve a bright new smile!

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